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Watch Colombiana: Dive into Action-Packed Thrills

In the dark, adrenaline-infused world of revenge thrillers, “Colombiana” emerges as a striking blend of vengeance and valor. It hails from the cinematic lineage where female protagonists aren’t just part of the action; they drive it. “Colombiana” whispers a tale of a woman sculpted by tragedy and hardened into an instrument of retribution. Zoe Saldana embodies Cataleya Restrepo, a character who begins a violent quest for justice, transitioning from a wounded girl to a ruthless assassin. The stage is set: a journey of precision, skill, and determination unfolds, with a singular, unwavering purpose reigning the narrative. Discover how this relentless pursuit unveils layer after layer, introducing a cast that breathes life into a story of perilous vendettas Colombiana.

About Colombiana

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in a tale of gritty vengeance, “Colombiana” is a film that won’t disappoint. Starring Zoe Saldana as Cataleya Restrepo, she plays a professional killer on a relentless quest to avenge her parents’ murder. Directed by Olivier Megaton and scripted by Luc Besson, this action-packed drama unspools a compelling narrative of a woman transforming into an ultimate target for her adversaries.

Released in 2011, “Colombiana” features a robust cast, including Michael Vartan, Cliff Curtis, Callum Blue, Lennie James, and a young Amandla Stenberg. The film is rated PG-13 and has a runtime of approximately 107 minutes. The audio is available in English with closed captioning for better accessibility.

For those looking to watch “Colombiana,” it’s available on various platforms. You can rent or buy it on Apple TV and Google Play Movies. Additionally, if you’re subscribed to the Starz Apple TV Channel, you can stream it there. Check your local streaming services, as it often appears on charts and may also be available on Roku Channel and Roku TV.

Here’s a quick guide to film details:

StarringZoe Saldana
DirectorOlivier Megaton
WriterLuc Besson
Co-starMichael Vartan
Runtime107 min
LanguageEnglish (with Spanish CC)
Available onApple TV, Google Play, Starz Channel, Roku
GenreAction, Drama

Experience the intense “Colombiana” to see a saga of retribution unfold with poignancy and thrilling action.

Plot Overview

“Colombiana” pivots on the gripping tale of Cataleya Restrepo’s tumultuous journey, a narrative drenched in both tragedy and determination. As a child in Bogota, Colombia, Cataleya (played by Amandla Stenberg) witnesses the ruthless assassination of her parents. She narrowly escapes the ordeal, finding refuge in the United States with her uncle. It is here that Cataleya’s path, fueled by a consuming desire for vengeance, begins to darken.

The story, rich in emotional depth, follows Cataleya’s metamorphosis from a frightened child to a lethal assassin, skilfully executed by a grown Zoe Saldana, with each step she takes further entrenching her in the underworld she initially sought to punish. “Colombiana” unravels an intricate web of suspense, action, and drama, leading viewers through a harrowing tale of retribution.

Cataleya Restrepo, a young girl seeking revenge

Cataleya’s tragedy-laden childhood shapes her ruthless ambitions. Following the horror that claims her parents’ lives, she emerges scarred but unyielding. Her early years in America are less about assimilation and more about preparation. Driven by a monomaniacal lust for justice, Cataleya devotes herself to acquiring the skills necessary to enact her revenge. The innocence typically characterized by youth is nowhere to be found, replaced instead by a steely resolve that preludes the formidable assassin she becomes.

Becoming a professional killer

Under the tutelage of her uncle Emilio, a seasoned mobster, Cataleya grows into a formidable professional killer. Her dedication to mastering the craft of death is relentless, and as she matures, her proficiency in combat and strategy becomes apparent. The film delves into the duality of Cataleya’s life; the juxtaposition of normal human relationships and her secret life as an assassin. With each assignment, she hones her skills, using her targets as stepping stones, closer towards the architects of her parents’ demise. This very proficiency however makes her the ultimate target for law enforcement and her enemies alike.

Her ultimate target

The crux of “Colombiana” is Cataleya’s pursuit of her ultimate target: the mobster responsible for her family’s slaughter. Through a calculated and methodical approach, she aims to not only serve justice but to also unravel the criminal network implicated in her parents’ death. This fixation on her goal sees her navigating a treacherous world that tests her skills and morality. Tensions crescendo as Cataleya draws closer to her quarry, culminating in an explosive confrontation that asks whether her quest for vengeance can truly quell the ghosts of her past.

“Colombiana” confronts the classic themes of vengeance and redemption with electric suspense. This riveting narrative intertwines Cataleya’s personal vendetta with explosive action scenes, crafting a story that demands to be watched for its thrills and emotional journeys alike.


Cast and Crew

“Colombiana,” a high-octane narrative of vengeance, features a robust cast that brings the tale of Cataleya Restrepo to life. The central performance is given by Zoe Saldana, who adds depth and intensity to the role of the revenge-driven assassin. Michael Vartan plays Danny Delanay, offering a counterbalance to Cataleya’s violent world. Cliff Curtis takes on the role of Emilio Restrepo, Cataleya’s uncle, who guides her transformation into a lethal killer. Behind the camera, Olivier Megaton’s dynamic direction, coupled with Luc Besson’s intricate storytelling, forms the backbone of this action-packed drama.

Zoe Saldana as Cataleya Restrepo

Zoe Saldana’s portrayal of Cataleya Restrepo stands out as the cornerstone of the movie, demonstrating her range as an actress. Saldana navigates the complex emotional spectrum of her character – from the innocent girl with a traumatic past to the cold, calculating assassin. She embodies Cataleya with a fierce determinism and physical agility, a role demanding both emotional and action performance chops.

Michael Vartan as Danny Delanay

Michael Vartan brings to life the character of Danny Delanay, who forms part of Cataleya’s existence away from her assassin identity. As a love interest, he represents a semblance of normalcy and potential salvation from her dark world. Vartan delivers a sincere performance, providing a dose of humanity and warmth to the storyline.

Cliff Curtis as Emilio Restrepo

Cliff Curtis portrays Emilio Restrepo, the uncle of Cataleya, crafting a character that’s both mentor and father-figure. As Emilio ushers Cataleya into the criminal underworld, Curtis’s portrayal underlines a dual theme of familial loyalty and the inescapable pull of vengeance. His performance resonates with a sense of gravitas and establishes the film’s pivotal mentor-protégé dynamic.

Directed by Olivier Megaton and written by Luc Besson

At the helm of “Colombiana” is director Olivier Megaton, known for his work on action films with fast-paced storytelling. His direction injects a sense of urgency and visual flair characteristic of the genre. Luc Besson, the screenwriter, is credited with weaving a narrative that is both richly plotted and emotionally engaging. Together, Megaton and Besson create a cinematic experience that seamlessly blends action with a profound narrative drive.

By assembling a talented cast and creating a dynamic collaborative environment, Megaton and Besson ensure that “Colombiana” stays etched in the viewer’s memory as a poignant story of vengeance, amplified by its raw action sequences. Viewers looking to watch “Colombiana” can find the movie across various streaming services, and through its availability in the digital market, it continues to attract audiences with its compelling tale and dramatic action.

Critical Reception

“Colombiana,” featuring Zoe Saldana as Cataleya Restrepo, has received mixed responses since its release. The film, directed by Olivier Megaton and written by Luc Besson, combines action and drama, landing a PG-13 rating.

Critics have often highlighted Saldana’s compelling performance. Her portrayal of Cataleya, a professional killer seeking vengeance for her family’s murder, is both intense and emotional. However, the film received criticism for its formulaic plot and the excessive violence depicted throughout its 107-minute runtime.

Despite these critiques, “Colombiana” has found a fan base that appreciates its relentless action sequences and Saldana’s strong lead role. Its reception has been a blend of admiration for the high-octane scenes and skepticism towards the narrative and character development.

On streaming platforms and the Roku Channel, the film continues to be accessed by viewers, indicating a sustained interest. Users can watch “Colombiana” through various services, such as Starz Apple TV Channel, Google Play Movies, and also purchase or rent the film in different formats, including HD and Spanish CC HD PG-13 options.

Where to Watch Colombiana: Streaming Options

For those seeking to indulge in the action-packed world of “Colombiana,” multiple streaming platforms are available. Each platform offers different viewing options such as purchasing, renting, or subscribing, catering to the varied preferences of the audience. Below is a concise guide to finding “Colombiana” for your next movie night.

Apple TV

Apple TV presents a user-friendly interface for movie enthusiasts to navigate and select films easily. “Colombiana” is available for both purchase and rental in high definition. With Apple TV, viewers can enjoy a seamless streaming experience, with the option to download the film for offline viewing. Additionally, personalized recommendations may lead to discovering similar movies in the Action and Drama genres that match “Colombiana.”

Starz Apple TV Channel

Subscribers to Starz on the Apple TV Channel can include “Colombiana” in their watchlist. The film is offered as part of their subscription, and users can stream it with no extra charge, provided they have an active membership. Starz also curates a collection of similar titles, allowing for an extensive exploration of the genre.

Google Play Movies

For Android users or those who prefer Google’s ecosystem, “Colombiana” is available on Google Play Movies. Here, one can rent or buy the movie in both standard and high-definition quality. The platform allows for viewing across different devices, ensuring you can watch the film on the go or from the comfort of your home theater setup.

Roku Channel

The Roku Channel is an additional resource for accessing “Colombiana.” Offering the movie for streaming, it is an alternative for those with Roku devices. This platform often provides options for free content with advertisements or the ability to rent or purchase films outright, depending on the user’s preference.

By comparing these streaming services, viewers can select the best platform that suits their viewing habits and preferences for watching “Colombiana.”

Genre and Rating

Genre and Rating of “Colombiana”

“Colombiana” is an intense, action-packed drama that delves into the story of a woman’s quest for vengeance. Anchored by a gripping performance from Zoe Saldana, the movie presents a blend of suspense, emotion, and relentless pursuit, categorizing it firmly in the PG-13 action and drama genres.

Movie TitleColombiana
Main GenreAction
MPAA RatingPG-13
Duration107 minutes
LanguagePrimarily English (Spanish CC HD available)

The PG-13 rating alerts viewers to scenes of violence typical of a revenge narrative, where the protagonist operates as a calculated professional killer. However, this rating also assures potential viewers that explicit content is moderated to be suitable for teens and adults despite its violent action sequences.

Whether you want to watch “Colombiana” via streaming services or purchase it online, options are widely available across platforms such as Apple TV, Google Play Movies, and the Starz Apple TV Channel. This film is quintessential for those inclined towards vigilante justice themes and fast-paced storylines.


Action-Packed Thrills

“Colombiana” thrives on its action-packed heart, designed to keep audiences in their seats. The well-choreographed scenes and Zoe Saldana’s lithe agility underscore an adrenaline-infused experience. Director Olivier Megaton, known for his proficiency in accentuating high-energy sequences, deftly navigates through explosions, hand-to-hand combats, and stealth missions that hallmark the film’s thrill factor.

The film’s high-octane journey follows Cataleya Restrepo, portrayed by Saldana, as she maneuvers through a gauntlet of dangers and adversaries. Her quest for retribution against the ultimate target who orchestrated the murder of her family makes for a compelling watch. Encapsulating her transformation from a frightened child to a formidable professional killer, the narrative is tailored to action genre aficionados.

PlatformAvailability Type
Apple TVPurchase/Streaming
Google Play MoviesPurchase/Streaming
Starz Apple TV ChannelSubscription/Streaming

For those eager to watch “Colombiana,” it casts a wide net of accessibility, ensuring that a wide variety of viewers will find it within reach.

Violent action movie with intense sequences

Venture into the visceral world of “Colombiana” and brace for a journey punctuated by intense action sequences that define this violent action movie. Each frame is meticulously crafted to illustrate the cloak-and-dagger operation Saldana’s character executes with lethal precision. Moreover, the film doesn’t stop showcasing her vocation’s dark, gritty realities, where emotions run high, and the mortality stakes are even higher.

In “Colombiana,” audiences are presented with:

  • A highly skilled assassin, embodied by Zoe Saldana, conveys a potent mix of vulnerability and fearlessness.
  • A narrative where justice is clawed back with determination and firepower.
  • Scintillating set pieces from urban shootouts to chilling stealth insertions.

Awareness of the PG-13 rating is crucial as the movie, while tempering graphic imagery, does delve into mature themes and portrays violence within the bounds suitable for older teens and adults. This film is thus tailored for viewers seeking action that resonates with emotional depth and physical vitality.

StarringZoe Saldana, Michael Vartan
Supporting ActorsCliff Curtis, Lennie James
Run Time107 minutes
LanguageEnglish, Spanish subtitles
AccessibilityClosed Captions (CC) Available

To watch “Colombiana” is to immerse oneself in a cinematic experience where raw emotion and startling action converge, delivering a film that truly pulsates with life and urgency.

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