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The Postcard Killings: Unraveling the Chilling Mystery

“The Postcard Killings” is a gripping psychological thriller that delves into the dark corridors of a serial killer’s mind and the profound grief of a relentless detective. Based on the novel by Liza Marklund and James Patterson, the film adaptation brings a haunting visual narrative to the screen, captivating audiences with its meticulous detail and thrilling pace. This blog post explores the intricate layers of the story, the compelling cast and crew behind the scenes, the true events that inspired the story, and the potential future of this chilling saga.

Plot Summary

“The Postcard Killings” follows the harrowing journey of NYPD detective Jacob Kanon (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), whose life is shattered when his daughter and son-in-law are found murdered in London. Each murder scene is preceded by a postcard sent to a local journalist, which pulls Dessie Lombard (Cush Jumbo), a Swedish reporter, into the investigation. Together, they unravel a series of similar killings across Europe, each as methodical as it is gruesome. The killer’s signature is stark: the bodies are posed as works of art, reflective of the local culture yet horrifying in their presentation.

Introduction to Main Characters

Jacob Kanon

Jacob Kanon, a seasoned detective whose relentless pursuit of his daughter’s killer showcases a complex interplay of vengeance and justice. Jeffrey Dean Morgan portrays Kanon with a profound depth of emotion, capturing the essence of a man driven to the brink by personal loss.

Dessie Lombard

Dessie Lombard is a journalist who becomes intricately involved in the case due to her receiving the killer’s postcards. Cush Jumbo’s portrayal of Dessie is both resilient and insightful, providing a strong female lead who stands as Kanon’s intellectual and emotional partner in the investigation.

The Postcard Killings

The Cast and Crew

Liza Marklund

Liza Marklund, co-author of the novel, is renowned for her ability to weave complex narratives that are both sophisticated and engaging. Her expertise in the thriller genre sets a solid foundation for the story’s adaptation to film.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan delivers an intense, gritty performance as Jacob Kanon, bringing to life the detective’s tormented pursuit across Europe to catch the killer and cope with his profound grief.

Cush Jumbo

Cush Jumbo as Dessie Lombard offers a compelling and nuanced performance, providing the perfect counterpart to Morgan’s Kanon. Her character’s depth and journalistic acuity add a crucial layer to the unfolding mystery.

Naomi Battrick and Famke Janssen as Valerie Kanon

Naomi Battrick and Famke Janssen both portray Valerie Kanon in different stages of her life, adding to the emotional weight of the narrative. Their performances underscore the personal stakes at the heart of the thriller.

Joachim Król

Joachim Król plays Simon Haysmith Sr., a key figure with intricate ties to the overarching mystery. His performance is pivotal in unraveling the killer’s motivations and methods.

Danis Tanović

Director Danis Tanović, known for his nuanced and potent storytelling, masterfully translates the novel’s intricate plot onto the screen. His direction ensures that “The Postcard Killings” is not only engaging but also aesthetically profound.

The True Story Behind the Film

Inspiration Behind “The Postcard Killings”

The novel and subsequent film are inspired by real-life crimes where killers communicated with detectives and journalists alike, often taunting them with clues that were cryptic and morbidly styled. This narrative device explores the psychological game between predator and prey, giving a chilling look into the killer’s mind.

The Real-Life Events That Influenced the Novel and Film

While the specific plot of “The Postcard Killings” is fictional, it draws heavily from historical cases of serial killings throughout Europe, where the murderers left symbolic tokens at crime scenes, which were often interpreted by the media and police as a form of artistic expression.

The Detective and the Serial Killer

Jacob Kanon

Jacob Kanon’s character is a fascinating study in the toll that such a personal and brutal crime can take on someone dedicated to law enforcement. His journey throughout the film is one of sorrow, rage, and ultimately, relentless pursuit.

The Sadistic Killer

The antagonist of “The Postcard Killings” is a mastermind of cruelty, using art as a perverse canvas for murder. This killer’s methodical approach and cryptic clues create a macabre trail of horror that only a determined detective and a savvy journalist can hope to end.

The Thriller Film and its Streaming Release

Danis Tanović’s Approach

Director Danis Tanović approached “The Postcard Killings” with an emphasis on the psychological rather than the gore, focusing on the emotional and mental unraveling of both the killer and Kanon. His use of cold, stark cinematography complements the film’s somber theme.

Streaming Release

The decision to release “The Postcard Killings” on a streaming platform made the film accessible to a global audience promptly, allowing viewers to delve into the mystery from their homes. This mode of release reflects modern viewing preferences and the shifting dynamics of film consumption.

The Postcard Killing

The Sequel and Its Implications

Possibility of a Sequel

The ending of “The Postcard Killings” leaves room for a sequel, with the killer’s motives and background ripe for further exploration. A sequel could delve deeper into the psychological profiles involved and introduce new characters who illuminate the killer’s past or become involved in a new game of cat and mouse.

Potential Storyline for the Sequel

Should a sequel be greenlit, it could explore the detective’s return to the field, haunted yet driven, and a new series of crimes related to the original killings. The possibility of a copycat killer or a related predator emerging could also expand the original film’s chilling premise.

The Postcard Killings is a deeply compelling psychological thriller that entertains and invites viewers to ponder the deeper questions of justice, revenge, and the human psyche. As fans and new viewers alike await news of a continuation, the film’s legacy grows, marked by its sophisticated narrative, robust performances, and the hauntingly beautiful yet brutal exploration of its central crimes.


Q: What is the main plot of The Postcard Killings?
A: The main plot revolves around Detective Jacob Kanon who investigates a series of brutal murders across Europe connected by postcards sent to local journalists before each murder.

Q: Who authored the novel The Postcard Killings is based on?
A: The novel was co-authored by Liza Marklund and James Patterson, renowned for their thriller and mystery genres.

Q: Who directed the film adaptation of The Postcard Killings?
A: The film was directed by Danis Tanović, acclaimed for his thematic and directorial depth in films.

Q: What inspired The Postcard Killings?
A: The story is inspired by real-life cases of serial killings where the killers left behind symbolic tokens or communicated through cryptic messages, similar to the postcards in the film.

Q: Are there plans for a sequel to The Postcard Killings?
A: While there is potential for a sequel, as of now, there has been no official confirmation regarding the development of a follow-up film.

Q: How can I watch The Postcard Killings?
A: The Postcard Killings is available for streaming on various digital platforms, allowing easy access for viewers worldwide.

Q: Who stars as Jacob Kanon in the film?
A: Jeffrey Dean Morgan stars as Jacob Kanon, bringing a potent mix of intensity and emotional depth to the character.

Q: What role does Cush Jumbo play?
A: Cush Jumbo plays Dessie Lombard, a journalist who becomes intricately involved in the case through the killer’s postcards.

Q: What are the key themes in The Postcard Killings?
A: Key themes include the psychological impact of crime, the artistry of murder, and the complexities of familial and professional relationships within the context of a high-stakes criminal investigation.

Q: Was the film well-received by critics and audiences?
A: The film received mixed reviews, with critics praising the performances and cinematography, but some noted that the plot’s complexity and pacing could be challenging for viewers. However, it has been well-received by audiences looking for a nuanced, thrilling, and emotionally engaging crime story.

“The Postcard Killings” is a meticulous and thrilling exploration of the darkest sides of art and humanity, crafted with precision and led by a stellar cast. This film not only provides a chilling cinematic experience but also cleverly invites audiences to reflect on the deeper psychological impacts of crime and tragedy.

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